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If you need a professional mobile auto service, we are the specialists who will ensure your satisfaction. We offer auto repair, mechanical repair, road assistance, emergency roadside repair, jumpstart, and fuel delivery services. Our clients in and around Hyattsville, MD often leave us reviews, and you can read those on our Google Business page. Feel free to comment as well!

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Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Average rating:  
 40 reviews
by Luz Holt on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Excellent Job

Thanks to the assistance of the mobile mechanic I called for from this company, I managed to get home on time and make it for dinner. I blew a tire in the middle of the road on my way back from work, and I had nobody to turn to. I couldn’t change the tire by myself, because I was missing a jack and some additional stuff. Good thing I called this company. The mechanic came in no time, did a quick job, and my car was all ready to hit the road again. I highly recommend their affordable services, as well.

by Rebecca Mcgee on Jeans Mobile Mechanic

I recently requested a mobile auto repair for my vehicle and received an on-time and excellent service in exchange. The mechanics were also friendly and professional all the way. Quite an affordable price for such a quality repair of my car, too. I couldn’t be more satisfied.

by Matthew Gonzalez on Jeans Mobile Mechanic

I got stuck on the road with two flat tires and fumes coming out from the hood. I couldn’t handle the issues at hand on my own, so I hired a mobile auto repair service with this company. The reason is that I didn’t have the tools nor the knowledge behind what was going on. Luckily, the company I chose turned out to be the right one. The mechanics came right on time, did an excellent job, and didn’t leave until I tested my vehicle. I couldn’t be more satisfied.

by Jesse Wong on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
On-time & Professional

Good thing I was still at home when I noticed there were some issues with my car. There was something wrong with the transmission and the brakes weren’t working properly. I had to do something, but I had given my instruments to my brother. That’s why I hired a mobile automobile repair service from this company. The mechanic who worked on my car’s issues came right on time and did an excellent job without breaking the bank. I couldn’t be more satisfied.

by Percy Ramos on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Excellent & Affordable

I had some difficulties with my car the other day and didn’t have the time to figure things out on my own. That’s why I hired this company and arranged a same-day mobile automobile repair for my vehicle. I was surprised by the punctual arrival of the mechanic who worked professionally on my car and managed to solve the issue in no less than half an hour. He didn’t charge me much, either. I highly recommend this company.

by Barry Hubband on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Professional I Will Always Turn To

Scheduling a mobile auto service with the mechanics from this company was the best choice for my car. I was stuck on a main road near the city with no gasoline in my vehicle, and these guys managed to deliver enough to get me back home. Quite a cheap price, too. WOW!

by Darren Arnold on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
A Thousand Thanks

To help me drive back home, I requested a mobile auto service with this company. My car’s three tires blew because of a serious broken glass problem on the road that hadn’t been cleaned up. I was quite angry that such a small thing could slow me down, but there was nothing I could do which made me even angrier. Good thing my phone was still working. I called, the mechanics came, got my vehicle safely to my home, and didn’t charge me that much. At least one good thing for a change.

by Joanna Rodgers on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Couldn’t Be More Satisfied

I recently had to hire a general mechanic to fully service my car. I wanted it ready for a family road trip I had planned with the kids and my man. The mechanic came right on time, did a quick inspection, found some minor issues, and quickly removed them. Didn’t charge me much, too. I couldn’t be more satisfied.

by Amanda Schultz on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Thank God You Were There

I was recently on my way back from work when my car stopped working in the middle of the road. It couldn’t pick a better time! Luckily, I had my cell phone with me and called this company for assistance. A mobile general mechanic came and quickly resolved the problem. I was surprised by the affordability of the service, as well.

by Dorothy Diaz on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Thank You

Hiring a mobile mechanic from this company helped me out quite a lot. I was stuck in the middle of the road in the city center, and I couldn’t do anything but to ask for a couple of guys to help me move the car to the nearest parking place. Once I called this company for assistance, the mechanic came within half an hour and managed to quickly fix the issue. I couldn’t be more satisfied, and I highly recommend this company.

by Monica D. Sampson on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Keep up the good work!

The technician was communicative, fast with the repair, and after a few hundred miles it has been fixed for less then a shop. I will only use the services this mobile mechanic offers from now on.

by Paul S. Roane on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
keep up the good work!

If you're looking for a general mechanic who will arrive on time, give a reasonable & accurate assessment of your problem, and perform repairs at an honest price, call this company. The technicians who work there are presentable, knowledgeable and professional!

by Lourdes T. Flores on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Highly recommend!

Prompt, professional, and courteous. The mobile mechanic who came to fix my car was informative about what was wrong & what needed to be done and finished the job even working through thunder and lightning! I will definitely use his services again!

by Jennifer B. Forman on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Affordable services!

These guys are the Best! They are very knowledgeable and experienced. I chose them because my car needed an urgent repair and they were the first mobile auto repair technicians who responded to my request! I'll definitely be contacting them again and recommending him to my friends and family.

by Jason R. Hackman on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Keep up the good work!

One of the professionals at this company came to our house to inspect a used car we purchased to ensure it was safe for our teenage son to drive. He confirmed that it was a great buy, repaired a couple of minor things, let us know what additional work could be done in the near future & left us feeling safe. These were the best mobile auto repair services I have ever used!

by Brady D. Mercado on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Many thanks!

I will be using the mobile automobile repair services these guys offer again! I am confident they will be fair and fast! They already showed me what true professionalism means! I am really happy with their great services!

by Paul S. Atkins on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Highly recommend!

These professionals are amazing! I called and they were in my driveway the next day! They are super professional, friendly and skilled mechanics. The mobile automobile repair services they offer are affordable and very reliable!

by Felisha D. Curry on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Reliable services!

Brilliant mobile auto service. The mechanic who came to repair my car was efficient, pleasant and helpful. I called on Thursday when my car wouldn't start, and he came punctually to the house on a Friday morning, ran a diagnostic, identified the battery needed replacing, went & got a new one there and then, and had the vehicle up and running in less than an hour. Highly recommend!

by Raymond S. Plummer on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Great professionals!

I was so impressed with this mobile auto service and can heartily recommend it to anyone searching for a dependable, good value and no-hassle mobile mechanic! Great company, offering affordable and efficient solutions!

by Alfredo P. Clark on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Thank you!

The guy who came to repair my car was the best general mechanic I have ever hired! So professional and helpful! He drove out of his way to me when I really needed him which I appreciated a lot. I will definitely be calling him again for all my auto repair needs from now on!

by Sallie D. Culpepper on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Competent Mechanics

I will refer your mobile auto repair services to all my friends. The quality of your work is sublime. You handled your duties professionally and even conduct a final inspection to make sure that everything is running like a Swiss clock.

by Israel Welch on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
So happy.

I hired a mechanic from this company to provide me with mobile automobile repair, and I am really happy that I made the right choice! He did everything right, at affordable prices. If you need a professional auto repair service provider, this is the one you should call.

by Cameron Glover on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
I am happy!

Great job, I was on the side of the road and my car simply refused to move. I called my neighbor and he told me that I should call a general mechanic from this company to help me out. Everything turned out perfectly!

by Ricardo M. on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Highly recommended

I was coming home from a business trip two weeks ago when I noticed there was a strange knocking noise coming from my engine so I wanted to make sure everything is alright. Their mobile mechanic came and had a look at my Volkswagen minivan, fixed absolutely everything on-site. Great professional!

by Iris Rowe on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Couldn’t thank you enough!

I contacted this mobile auto service provider because I had problems with my car. I don’t know how to fix my Honda and this is why I hired an expert. I have to say that I am really satisfied with the end result.

by Eugene Wilkins on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
I am impressed.

I am fully impressed by their speed! Last week, I had problems with the suspension of my vehicle and I was afraid that my vehicle was unstable and unsafe for the road. An expert arrived and fixed the problem in a timely manner! I strongly recommend this general mechanic.

by Meghan Edwards on Jeans Mobile Mechanic

I was in major trouble with my car and my mechanic wasn’t returning my calls. This is why I looked up local mechanics and a mobile auto repair service provider from this company showed up. He turned out to be very professional and the prices were reasonably set. I am glad that I hired them for a repair service.

by Emanuel Jacobs on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Great job!

I will definitely save this mobile automobile repair service provider in my contacts. He did the repairs quick and convenient. He even ran a bunch of diagnostic tests to make sure that the service was provided adequately. I am so happy that I contacted them!

by Christina Jordan on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Very relieved!

I know nothing about cars. Sadly, I know how only how to drive them. My tire was flat and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to get my hands dirty, and this is why I contacted this company for a mobile auto service. Good job, the service was very professional and affordable!

by Jennifer Wong on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Thank you!

Great mobile mechanic! I hired this company and they were fast, friendly, reasonably priced, and efficient. I was impressed with how quickly they fixed my brakes. They were extremely responsive and professional. I will definitely use their services again when something goes wrong with my car.

by Lyle Bradley on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Great service.

Last month, when my car broke, I was in a dead-end. I didn’t know what to do. A friend recommended me this mobile auto repair company. I booked for the next day and he was very professional. I will definitely keep their phone number in my contacts.

by Matthew A. Garner on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Very polite

I’ve had problems with my engine since day one. I was afraid it would leave me in the middle of the road someday. And it happened!!! Luckily, I found your mobile automobile repair service online and called. Best decision ever, your customer service was very good too! Cheers.

by Joy P. Green on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Good Prices

I was looking for a reliable mobile automobile repair service. However, my budget was limited so I had to be careful with my choice. Your estimate was reasonable, which is why I booked you. You were punctual with your arrival and instantly understood that the issue was with the brakes. A few hours later, my car was once again roadworthy and the final price was as mentioned in the estimate.

by Tyrone Alexander on Jeans Mobile Mechanic

I’m really impressed with this mobile auto service provider. We had scheduled an appointment for the weekend but I had told them it’s super busy time for me. They must have remembered and called the next day to ask if I wanted to do it early. Never expected such a good service.

by Anthony H. Prior on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Thank you

Thank you for your top-notch mobile auto service. Your knowledge of the automotive industry is astounding while the speed with which you came to my aid was impressive. You rapidly fixed my car and allowed me to resume my trip. I am very happy with your company and I will refer it to my friends from the auto club.

by J. Pena on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
You were fantastic!

I called their mobile auto repair service after a recent minor crash I had downtown. Came quickly and got the job done way faster than I expected. They also offered a full inspection of the vehicle.

by Ted Richardson on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Thank you!

I needed a general mechanic service for my Mercedes. These guys really know what they’re doing. I would recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable and quick service. And at a very good price too.

by Douglas Soto on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Thank you!

Great mobile mechanic! Friendly, fast, efficient, and reasonably priced. A professional from this company did the brake job many other repair shops couldn’t do. The fastest brake repair ever! I supplied the parts and they supplied the service. Great job, I strongly recommend these experts to everyone in need!

by Mable M. Christy on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Dependable Company

I was looking for a competent general mechanic to take a look at my car as it wasn’t performing as usual. I found your company online and you seemed reliable so I booked your services. You conduct a detailed examination and found a loose hose in the engine. Thanks to you, my car is once again running normally.

by James T. Holliday on Jeans Mobile Mechanic
Great Assistance

Hiring you as my mobile mechanic is one of the best decision that I have made lately. Thanks to you, my car is in a pristine condition and I can drive it with the peace of mind that it is roadworthy.

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